Wasfia Nazreen

Founder & Chairperson, Ösel Foundation , National Geographic Adventurer

Short Bio

Wasfia Nazreen​,​ National Geographic Adventurer and the only Bangladeshi to have climbed ​six​ out of the ​seven​ ​ highest mountains in each continent, including Chomolungma, aka Mount Everest, has found her home in Nepal since she was a year old. An activist and writer with a decade of background in development work, she has had the privilege to partner with the people of Nepal on various projects for many years and understands how to function around the dynamics of local politics and many red tapes of her second home. She herself has lost one of her closest friends in the avalanche caused by the quake in Everest, and needless to say her entire community has been affected. Alongside other friends, the Nepal co-ordinator of her foundation, Jasmine Kwon survived both the quakes and has been working on the ground from day one. Projekt.co has partnered with her foundation to best serve the people of Nepal and channel the funds effectively.

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Rebuilding Fund for the people of Nepal

Bangladeshi Peoples' gift for the rebuilding of Nepal

Goal 4,50,000
Achieved Amount 4,77,950