A football tournament for the underprivileged children residing in slums across Dhaka

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Global Shapers, Dhaka Hub

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World Economic Forum
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Short Summary

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shapers, Dhaka Hub is organizing “Taal-Goal”, a football tournament for the underprivileged children residing in slums across Dhaka. Isolated from the mainstream society, these children are the most vulnerable inhabitants of this city. Their childhood remains locked in the slum and adolescence is spent in the dark lanes and corners, which eventually push them towards an even darker future. Crossing the invisible line that separates the slums from the rest of this city is merely a dream to them. A dream to integrate to be able to see and grow with dignity and enjoy life. We, the Dhaka Hub of Global Shapers, are committed to make Dhaka a socially inclusive city. Therefore, we designed our flagship project “Taal-Goal” to use sports as a tool to reduce crime and drug abuse among the most underprivileged children of this city.

The project will be primarily arranged and organized by the Global Shapers of Dhaka Hub, with the help of corporate sponsors and generous supporters. In this regard, we seek your support for the initiative.

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