Rebuilding Fund for the people of Nepal

Bangladeshi Peoples' gift for the rebuilding of Nepal

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Wasfia Nazreen

Founder & Chairperson, Ösel Foundation
National Geographic Adventurer
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Fifty Taka Contribution

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We're rising together to raise funds for the many months/years of rehabilitation & relief work of Nepal, following the two devastating earthquakes in 25th of April and 12th of May, 2015. We want to raise a minimum of Tk. 1 crore (if not more) and share it with the grassroots organizations mentioned below who are truly making a difference on the ground. We have done a key study of the needs assessment of the total destruction and the following grassroots organizations were chosen to serve these particular areas.

The Nepal Coordinator of our foundation Ösel Bangladesh, Jasmine Kwon, happened to survive both the earthquakes and needless to say has lost all her belongings, like most other people in affected areas. From day one, she has been working on the ground, along with thousand others who have had to wake up to the same tragic reality. She, along with myself, are directly linked with the organizations mentioned.

Please join our efforts to give whatever you can - and be sure, every taka you donate, is being used for crucial reconstruction and/or rehabilitation for someone out there. Nepal has long served as my second home and i know like me, countless other Bangladeshis consider her to be our heavenly home, the shortest plane ride away!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with Nepal, our beautiful neighbour, through these unbearably tragic times.

In prayers,

Wasfia Nazreen
Founder, Ösel Bangladesh
(formerly, Bangladesh on Seven Summits) 


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In order to complete the payment, please follow the instructions on the check-out page. We accept payments by the following methods: 

1) bKash
2) Local credit/debit cards
3) Bank Deposit
4) Cheque-pick-up service (for amounts greater than tk.5,000)

For a more detailed guide on how to make a payment, read this post:

The Recipient Organizations

#1. One/third of the contribution will be going to  Langtang Disaster Relief Fund (Langtang Survivors Camp) at the "Yellow Gompa," Swayambhu, Kathmandu

Though it is so difficult and unfair to make an assessment of one community/district's needs above others, it is well known that the area popularly called "Langtang Village" (in Rasuwa District) faced the most harrowing devastation after Quake #1 (But don't just take it from us, read this man's account of Langtang, before and after the quake).  Beautiful Langtang village has been completely wiped off the face of the mountain, due to an avalanche that followed the earthquake, and mud/landslides that followed the avalanche, and rockslides which continue to pose a huge threat to volunteers trying to reach out to various small communities all over Rasuwa district.  Please see this short news clip from the BBC on the devastation there.

Yellow Gompa in Swayambhu is where the survivors were slowly being dropped off by the Nepal Army via helicopter rescue efforts.  We are very happy to say that the last group of survivors have been rescued, and the community is sticking together.  About 50-70 people are being rotated between the Yellow Gompa and Shechen Gompa in order to allow them to take showers and participate in certain death rites for their loved ones who are buried under the mud in their home village, but for the most part, the 300+ people are camped out at the Survivor's Camp which is being funded by the Langtang Disaster Relief Fund.  The past few weeks have been mostly about mobilizing rescue efforts, as well as to feed, clothe, and provide shelter for these displaced people - however as we move forward, this group is going to need a lot more help from the local and international community. As their village is no longer a viable home, all of these people will need to be relocated, permanently, somewhere else.  For now, they are in Kathmandu, the big city that is very foreign to them.  They have no idea how they can send their children to school, and how they will find work at this point.  Many of the people have suffered really heinous injuries, and will need further financial sponsorship, as they learn to cope with their newfound handicaps.  Many of the children were left orphaned, so we also have to figure out a permanent solution for that and we hope to start with boarding school sponsorships.

#2. One/third of the contribution will be going to Shechen Monastery (Relief Camp + Rescue Team + Langtang Mini Camp), Bouddha, Kathmandu.

The Shechen Gompa (aka monastery) is operating their disaster relief initiative in three ways:

(a)  They are providing direct relief (food, water, shelter, and medical care at it's Tibetan medicine clinic) to thousands of displaced/homeless people from the surrounding area Bouddha, 24/7.  As the gompa has a lot of open space, upwards of 3,000 people stayed at the gompa from the first day, up until the end of the first week... when the numbers started to taper out, as people attempted to go back to their homes.  Then, after the second earthquake hit, this past Tuesday, the mass of people multiplied (since previously livable homes are now mostly unlivable) to more than 5,000.  Though food, water, and supply stores are always at a shortage, the monastery is welcoming everyone with open arms - and the lamas and nuns are tirelessly rotating 24-hour shifts in order to provide people with everything they need to live comfortably through this terrible circumstance.

(b)  Beyond providing for the current 5,000+ people in the monastery "camp," Shechen has also been sending out their "Lama/Ani Rescue Teams" to various critically affected areas.  They are just one of the volunteer groups also utilizing information from the Yellow House/KLL's interface.  Everyday they have sent out two or more teams to places like Sindulpalchowk, Dhading, Gorkha, Rasuwa, and more.

(c)  Recently the last group of survivors from Langtang were rescued and sort of "dropped off" in Kathmandu.  These 70 individuals are staying at the monastery, but require more help than other displaced people, as they have literally nothing but the clothes on their back.  Shechen Monastery is working hand-in-hand with volunteers from the Yellow House, as well as the Yellow Gompa in Swayambhu, which is housing the larger Langtang Survivors Camp (see #1).

#3. One/third of the contribution will be going to "The Yellow House Group," aka Himalayan Disaster Relief Volunteer Group, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Kathmandu

A guerilla-operation meeting/collection/distribution/dispatch station from Day 2 after the Quake, who started out as a simple group of volunteers who came together (by the hundreds, eventually), and started to gain a lot of support and notoriety due to their INGENIOUS net-based platform,  They had hundreds of volunteers that helped us to collect loads of supplies from different gov/INGO distribution centres and buy even more supplies through wholesalers; report, verify, and act on incident reports which led farther and farther into the valley's unreached communities; and eventually link up with other organizations, civilian volunteer groups, and the even the government.  

By the end of the second week, the Yellow House had already collectively completed 172 missions (by Day 14...200 missions as of day before yesterday!), and were able to reach out to all 14 of the critically affected VDCs (districts) - most of the time, the first ones to reach these villages!

Here is an article detailing their work.

Other ways you can help: 

1) Help spread the word. 

2) If you live abroad or have access to an international credit card, you can donate directly to UNICEF by visiting this link here, or to Save the Children by visiting this link here.



Update #1

We've successfully raised about tk. 80,000+ in the past few days, but in order to scale up our efforts to raise funds, we're partnering with Wasfia Nazreen. The previous creator of this campaign, Waiz Rahim, has taken permission from all the previous contributors before making this change.