Heartwarming Winter 2015- Footsteps

Making winter a little better for them

Dhaka, Bangladesh     Social Cause
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1 Blanket

1 Blanket

Tk. 500

Donating 500 taka, is enough to provide 1 blanket for one person, and your picture will go up on the list of contributors! ...see more

Estimated Delivery: N/A
Lamia Sarwat Islam has claimed this reward.

1 Blanket +1 Mosquito Net

1 Blanket +1 Mosquito Net

Tk. 1,000

A donation of 1000 taka, is enough to provide 1 blanket and a mosquito net, plus you will receive a special wristband and have your picture on the list of contributors! ...see more

Estimated Delivery: N/A
Nobody has claimed this reward.

2 Blankets + 1 Mosquito Net

2 Blankets + 1 Mosquito Net

Tk. 1,500

A donation of Tk. 1500 is enough to contribute 2 blankets and a mosquito net. Donors will also receive a really cool T-Shirt and have your name on the list of contributors! ...see more

Estimated Delivery: N/A
Farzin Hossain and Atif Sadril have claimed this reward.

4 Blankets + 2 Mosquito Nets

4 Blankets + 2 Mosquito Nets

Tk. 3,000

A donation of Tk. 3000 will be enough to contribute 4 blankets and 2 mosquito nets. Enough for a whole family. Donors will also receive a wrist band, a t shirt, and have their picture on the contribut... ...see more

Estimated Delivery: N/A
Sama E Deen has claimed this reward.


Short Summary

Footsteps is a youth based organization, started in 2012, aiming to empower the youth of our
country Bangladesh by involving and training them in events and initiatives based on social,
national, environmental and other current issues.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering in destitution during winter. They have no warm clothing, no heating, and inadequate shelter. And every year, Footsteps tries to make it a little better for them. You can do your part in helping us help them, and make every donation count.

This year, we're targeting Rangpur, the coldest region of Bangladesh where the temperature goes down to 0° C, and we will need all the help we can get. 

  What We Need & What You Get

This is the first year Footsteps is collecting online donations, and we've set a goal of a minimum of Tk.100,000 (USD 1,300)
The monetary donations we receive, are used to purchase warm blankets, mosquito nets, and warm socks. This, along with physical donations of warm clothing will make a massive difference in the lives of people in Rangpur.

If you contribute Tk.1000, we will send you a special wristband as a "Thank You!" from the Footsteps Team

If you contribute Tk.1500, we will send you a cool T shirt as a "Thank You!" from the Footsteps Team.

If you contribute Tk.3000, we will send you a cool T shirt along with a special Wristband as a "Thank You!" from the Footsteps Team.

The Impact 

Footsteps has been conducting A Heartwarming Winter since 2013, and over this period of time, we've helped make winter a better time for over 4,000 people living in destitution. Every donation, no matter how big or small will make a difference.

Risks & Challenges 

The key element in doing this, is timing. We have to work within the constraints of less than a week, where we gather the donations, and distribute them within a week. If we don't do it as soon as possible, the cold wave blows over.
However Footsteps has tackled this issue before, and we can do it again, with your help.

Other Ways You Can Help 

Can't donate? It's okay we understand. But please share it so that it reaches someone who will! If you're in Dhaka during the event, you are free to volunteer and help raise donations.
Let's work together, and make a change!