Bandarban-Aid for Hunger

Addressing the food crisis situation in Bandarban

Dhaka, Bangladesh     Social Cause
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Several Areas in the Bandarban, located south east of Bangladesh near the Myanmar Border, are experiencing a severe food crisis as a major proportion of their crops have been devastated by inclement weather and pest infestation. The situation has become so bad that the indigenous people of these area are forced to eat boiled leaves and wild potatoes, which are dangerous for their health. Very little amount of aid has reached that area, and that is why Footsteps Organization is eager to reach out to these people and address the food shortage situation in Thanchi, one of the several affected regions of Bandarban. In order to address the issue, we will purchase sacks full of rice and lentils and distribute it among the people, while at the same time collect soil samples from the area to investigate what types of crops possess the characteristics that can survive in the areal conditions. 

This project will be extremely challenging, as we will be addressing a major issue with limited resources. We will require funding for purchasing the sacks of rice and lentils, as well as financial capital for testing the soil samples in a recognized agricultural laboratory. Your contributions will be the main driving force in making our plans and strategies a success. Therefore, we humbly ask you to donate as much as you can so that we can help the indigenous people in the Bandarban region overcome starvation not only this monsoon season, but seasons that'll come by in the near future as well.