A Tech Academy for the Undiscovered Children

Trying to provide tech education to the remote regions of Bangladesh.

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For your support you receive a digital thank you letter written by the kids of Rameripara, Fatikchori and Leaping Boundaries. ...see more

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For your support the children of Rameripara, Fatikchori, and other projects will handcraft a special note for you which we will personally hand deliver to you. ...see more

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For your support the children of Rameripara, Fatikchori, and other projects will record and send you a special video + you get the reward mention in the Beta category. ...see more

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For your support you receive a professionally taken photograph of the breathtaking landscape of Bandarban and Fatikchori + all the rewards mentioned in Beta and Gamma category! ...see more

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For your support, children from these projects will code a special interactive software for you which can be used on your computer or mobile device plus you get all the rewards from Beta and Epsilon c... ...see more

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For your support, the children from the Tech Academy will create a physical interaction game based on latest cutting-edge technologies just for you, plus you get all the rewards from the Beta and Epsi... ...see more

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Short Summary

Hi, I'm Shams Jaber, founder of The Tech Academy.

Technology has transformed our lives in many ways but unfortunately it does not always reach those who would benefit the most from it.

At the tech Academy, we want to change that. We started by creating a programming and electronics school for children in dhaka city. We believe that by introducing young kids to the power of technology we can harness their creativity and develop important critical, analytical and problem solving abilities. But we didn't want to stop there. Kids in dhaka are already consumers of technology, but many kids in rural and remote Bangladesh aren't and so we wanted to provide technology resources as a tool for creation and not just consumption. We opened our 2nd tech Academy branch in the remote Hills of Bandarban almost 1 year ago.

We have succefully introduced the children to working with arduino boards to control LEDs and motors. They can collect data using sensors such as LDR and sonar.

We believe that these skills will open a whole new level of opportunities for these children. Our vision is to create a self sufficient facility that will not only teach technology but also act as a research lab that can empower them to build solutions to problems that they encounter on a daily basis. And at the same time, improve their livelihoods by providing them the opportunity to remotely work on projects that have been outsourced from abroad or from Dhaka.

I would also like to thank NewsCred Dhaka and Waiz Rahim of projekt.co for helping us launch this campaign. Here's a video NewsCred created for this campaign.


What We Need & What You Get

The budget for this upcoming year is BDT 8,00,000 (eight lakh taka), which includes costs for material and equipment, travel to location, utilities such as internet and electricity and overheads. We aim raise BDT 3,00,000 (three lakh taka) from your contributions during this fundraising campaign, only 37.5% of the budget.

We feel that this project will have tremendous impact across various tiers of society and this is a unique opportunity for all of us to join our resources for a single cause. But we do not want to put the burden of the entire project on you, so the budget is also being supported by our current local sponsors and small donations from foundations.

The approximate budget distribution is given in the following pie chart:

Any additional funds we raise from this campaign will go to some of our other projects with our partners. This includes a remote school in Fatikchori, Chittagong (Syed-Syeda Memorial High School) and Leaping Boundaries (an organisation working to introduce new skills to madrasa students). 

The Impact 

The nature of our programs is highly unique. We begin with the assumption that children can understand and solve a problem, if given the right resources and mentorship. Going against the formal schooling system that often relies on rote memorization, we guide students to find their own answers by asking the right questions. 

The programs will reach 260 children from diverse communities through a ripple effect where members of one community will be used to educate members of another community. This will foster better integration and learning within diverse environments where the language of technology will help disintegrate language barriers. 

Given children between 10-12 years of age adopt to technology the most quickly and are often the most ardent consumers of technology the initiative attempts to turn them from consumers to creators. In an increasingly digitized and technologically dependent world, the global education system needs to be renovated to be compatible with the future generations' thoughts and ideas. The Tech Academy believes that there is a direct correlation between technology and development. We think this initiative will help break barriers to drive innovation and development forward using technology to build infrastructure and skilled human resource.

Risks & Challenges 

The concept of technology education in the way that the Tech Academy envisions it is a novel concept which might take time to pick up in an environment that is technologically challenged. However, the partners of the project have already been working on creating demand  because of which the concept will be easier to accept.Individual institutions have also expressed an eagerness to replicate the curriculum. The government’s agenda of digitizing Bangladesh also helps create demand on a broader scale. There are political risks associated with the projects the Tech Academy works with. However, both projects have taken due measurements to build rapport and establish themselves as apolitical, with all parties involved to ensure that the project is able to continue in the face of political instability.

Other Ways You Can Help 

1- I'd like to request concerned quarters to extend their support to my campaign highlighting my success in considering TECHNOLOGY as a powerful tool of educating children which will enable them shape their future course of study. Technology helps children "learn with fun and earn". My experience tells me they are great innovators!

2- The existing obsolete education system can only be transformed by introducing a new effective one step by step. Concerned enthusiasts are requested to share their own experiences that will inspire me and my whole team They can also be the valuable partners toward changing mass people's outlook, can help make them accept and welcome the new venture. Resources are scarce, but ways of supporting a great cause are unlimited.