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An initiative to uphold stories of aspiring writers, musicians & artists

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Mad Koffee E-Postcards!

Mad Koffee E-Postcards!

Tk. 500

Contribute to creating an amazing Mad Koffee Show for artists, musicians and writers in Bangladesh, and we will send in a personalized thank you note to you along with 5 authentic e-postcards from Mad... ...see more

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Post Card Sets!

Post Card Sets!

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A set of 5 soothing post cards with sweet messages delivered to your doorstep! ...see more

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T-Shirts & Event Invitation

T-Shirts & Event Invitation

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Get exclusive Mad Koffee T-Shirts delivered right to you as a BIG THANK YOU from the team with lots of love! Along with it, receive exclusive invitation to our next show. Walk in, without tickets! ...see more

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We believe, stories connect people -That's the foundation of Mad Koffee: A crowd-sourced storytelling platform for those with a dash of madness in them.

Mad Koffee started off as a blog for people to share their opinions, experiences & ideas. 2 years ago, we began hosting an annual event: The Mad Koffee Show - a festival of creativity! Here we get aspiring & established writers, artists, musicians together & give them a platform to share their stories. 

Help us put together the 2016 show!

Short Summary

Mad Koffee is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform which celebrates writers, artists, musicians and creative people from all background! Read on to learn more about us. 

  • How We Started: Mad Koffee was started by two friends who wanted to write together. It started off as just a blog with one simple idea: Stories can connect people. However, as more friends joined together to help develop this platform, we were able to bring a physical manifestation of this idea through a festival of creativity - The Mad Koffee Show. Soon, this platform became a hub for young people to share their stories and stories they resonate to in form of talks, music performances, blog posts, art exhibitions and crafts. 
  • Mad Koffee does not promote just individuals who are already established in their field. We do our best to bring together established creatives along with the aspiring ones to inspire and instill great storytelling spirit! Nothing inspires more than a real person with a real story that speaks for itself. 
  • Till date, we've arranged the show with putting together whatever we've had in our pockets and with mini sponsors to make few give-aways such as t-shirts and badges. We did the best we could, for the last two years to create the best experience for our participants and audience. This 2016, you can help bring the best and brightest of the creative community together and inspire numerous youngsters to pursue their passion with the inspiration they can take away from the show. To help, contribute directly or share the word on your social media! 

What We Need & What You Get

  • Here's where your funding is going: [70%] To arrange for the 2016 event this December | [30%] To further develop our storytelling platform
  • Contribute, and receive a personalized, heartfelt thank you note from the team, along with authentic e-postcards  

The Impact

Till date, we've successfully pulled off 2 annual Mad Koffee Shows, and they've brought tremendous success through inspiring creativity in many! Plenty of new micro-bloggers and writers have surfaced in the process while some aspiring artists got discovered and exposed to a stronger career advancement. We truly take these steps and progression into account as our success!  

  • Over time, we've exhibited crafts & artwork by 4 artists based in Bangladesh 
  • Hosted 6 individuals & bands to demonstrate their outstanding musical performances
  • Introduced 18 unique speakers and enabled them to share their inspiring stories
  • Brought together 600+ audience on our shows
  • Published 100+ blog posts and stories written by contributors all across Bangladesh! 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not ready to contribute, you can help by:

  • Getting the word out and share about our campaign on your social media profiles/pages

And that's all there is to it.



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