How It Works

Create a Projekt


Collect funds

DO awesome things

1. Creating a projekt:

You can use to raise funds for social causes, creative projects, personal needs or innovative products. You can get creative with what you want to raise funds for and what rewards you will be offering to contributors.

Artists can use to fundraise for exhibitions, take pre-orders for music albums, get fans involved with short films, etc.

Changemakers can use to raise money for a cause they care about and want to do something about it.

Entrepreneurs can use to take pre-orders for innovative products such as fashion accessories, games, apps, etc.

However, you must prepare accordingly and present a detailed plan and relevant documents for verification.

Project submission process:

  • Basic Info:
    • Projekt title
    • Tagline
    • Goal
    • Duration
    • Video
  • Details
    • Project outline
    • How the funds will be used
    • The impact
    • Why people should contribute and what they get in return
    • The risks and challenges
  • Rewards. What rewards will you be offering and at what prices?
  • Bank info: your bank account details where we will transfer the amount once your campaign has ended.
  • Extras (facebook/instragram links, share image)
  • Once your project is approved, you will have to go through our creator identity verification by providing the following details:

  • National ID Card/Passport Scan upload
  • 3 Individuals who are willing to endorse your ability and credibility to complete the project proposed. These individuals will be contacted to verify their identity and their names will be publicly listed on the projekt page.
  • 2. Share the projekt:

    Share the project page with all your friends, family and community via facebook, email, sms, whatsapp, etc. If they like you and your projekt, they'll naturally want to support you by contributing. You might have to talk to them directly to explain how this works since this is a very new concept!

    3. Collect funds:

    Watch your progress bar get closer to reaching its goal as your friends, family and community contribute to your project. Once the project duration finishes, we will transfer all the funds raised (minus a small 9% fee) to your bank account provided.

    4. Do awesome things:

    Once the funds are transferred, we will share the contributors' details with you. Such as:

    • the list of contributors
    • what reward they purchased
    • their contact details and shipping address.

    We also require that you post an update on your projekt page every 3 weeks to update all your contributors on your progress.

    At this point, the project creator is responsible to deliver the goods to all the contributors within the mentioned time frame. Failure to do this will result in legal action taken by projekt contributors and against the projekt creator and the 3 endorsees.